Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Morrissey is my hero. I cannot get enough of his music.

My obsession with Morrissey started many years ago when i heard Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now by The Smiths. The song was unlike anything that i heard before, i felt like Morrissey & co were singing about my life. I had to go and find out more about this band called The Smiths.

I found an album called The Sounds of The Smiths, which was a compilation album. It had some amazing songs on it: The Headmaster Ritual, Ask, How Soon Is Now. The best song on the album is: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. That song is my all-time favourite Smiths song, love the balance between Johnny Marr's guitar playing and Morrissey's lyrics. Very quickly The Smiths became my favourite band and i had listened to all of their albums.

It was from that album that i gradually moved onto Morrissey's solo work. This is where i am different to my friends, they had warned me against his solo discography saying that it is too depressing. What they don't understand is that i love depressing music. I find that Morrissey is a master at writing depressing songs.

It took me a while to warm to his solo work, but i gave it a decent chance and before i knew it i actually preferred his Solo work to the stuff he did as part of the Smiths. Songs like: First Of The Gang to Die, Something is Squeezing My Skull and One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell are all masterpieces. Morrissey has matured so much since his Smiths days and it does reflect in his music. There is a really bitter and almost twisted aspect to his lyrics and the tunes are still as catchy as they ever have been.

Later on i will post my favourite Morrissey/Smiths songs. However, i think i have rambled enough for one blog.


  1. He sounds great. I'll check him out.

  2. fabulous image. good stuff too.

  3. omg i love morrisey! hey follow me!