Friday, 5 November 2010

University & Podcasts

I just thought that i would very quickly update my blog while at University waiting for my classes to start. For the first time in ages i have actually completed my work and am not rushing at the last minute to complete anything. I quite like this feeling, i should try to continue this through the rest of the semester.

Does anyone reading this listen to podcasts? I subscribe to quite a few, here is a list off of the top of my head:

  1. Iain Lee on Absolute Radio
  2. Radio Five Live - Daily Bacon
  3. Radio Five Live - Football Daily
  4. Radio Five Live - 606 Football Phone In
  5. Collins and Herring (BBC 6 Music)
  6. Collings and Herrin
  7. Richard Herring - As It Occurs to Me
  8. Scottish Football
There may be a few that aren't regular or that i have forgot.

So followers, what podcasts do you listen to?


  1. How is the Daily Bacon one?

    Is it mostly about cooking?

  2. I have listened to some of these, however I was only satisfied with a few of them.